Marque Sussex is an independent furniture design and manufacturing company based in Newhaven, East Sussex.

For decades we have been creating furniture for private individuals, corporate clients, and mass-production.

Our products have won awards, others have become bestsellers for major UK retailers

We founded Marque Sussex in 2021 because we love our craft, but we need to limit its footprint.

We believe the best way to better our industry, is to make a move towards ‘slow furniture’.

Fast furniture, like fast fashion, is wasteful. Timber grown in the USA is shipped to eastern Europe and Asia to make pieces sold and loved in the UK.

There’s more mileage in a cabinet than most of us realise.

This means using sustainable, traceable timber, chosen by eye and crafted with care by our skilled team of cabinetmakers and apprentices.

It means planting new trees for each item of furniture we make. And it means making beautiful, affordable, heirloom pieces by leading UK designers.

Marque tree

We will plant one tree for every piece of furniture we make

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