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To discuss any aspect of your order before taking the plunge, please call or email. We will be happy to speak to you.


Delivery cost added at checkout based on delivery address

Band Delivery cost (ex VAT)
Q £60
A £100
B £135
C £165
D £190
E £210
F £225
G £235
H £250
I £300
J £350
K £400


We prefer a personal service, so we deliver ourselves to ensure that your furniture arrives safely and condition checked. We assemble your item, taking the packaging away with us for re-use or recycling and we sign a report that is your receipt and guarantee. This bespoke service minimizes the impact of our deliveries, reducing the need for excess packaging and mileage.

If you choose, you can collect your furniture personally or through your own courier. If you select Collection from the drop-down menu at the time of purchase, you will not be charged for delivery, and we will email you to arrange a mutually convenient time.

While we encourage visitors to our showroom, we understand that it is not always practical to come and see us. When you order your furniture online, the delivery costs calculated at the time of checkout are based on your postcode. When you select your region from the drop-down menu, the delivery price reflects the distance from our workshop to you.

Once your order is placed, we will call you to arrange a delivery slot. We will ask about the layout of your home and about any obstacles such as stairs or tight entrances so we can plan for these eventualities. Additional costs may be incurred if delivery involves access difficulties or unexpected obstacles, so please be as thorough as possible when describing your space.

Changes to an agreed delivery date must be made at least 7 days in advance and cancellations within 3 days. Last-minute changes or cancellations will incur a charge.

Once your booking is complete, please take care to remember we are coming. If we arrive and are unable to deliver your item, for whatever reason, we will take it away with us and a repeat delivery charge will be made.

Our aim is to make receipt of your furniture as friendly and efficient as possible. If you would like to discuss any of these factors prior to ordering, please call or email.


We really do want you to fall in love with your furniture and so, ideally, we would like you to visit us, to see and feel your item(s) before you take the big step of ordering. If you are unable to do this, but you have questions, please contact us. We are happy to help.

If you find, for some reason, that you do not wish to keep your furniture, you may return it, in the condition it arrived in, within 14 days of receipt. Collection will cost the same as the original delivery charge. If, however, you have ordered a bespoke piece, such as a special finish or size, we do not accept returns.



Our furniture is guaranteed for life. This guarantee is of quality and is our promise of a lasting, sustainable product.

Our furniture is designed with daily use in mind. It is our intention to provide you with a durable, lovable product that will live in your home long-term.

However, furniture can get damaged with use and so we can’t guarantee against wear and tear, accident or misuse, such as pet scratching or mishandling. Please be aware that wood is a natural product that subtly ages over time, often to its aesthetic benefit. The sun will change colours slightly as time goes by, like a suntan, but if wood is kept clean and oiled, it will not deteriorate. We cannot guarantee against the natural features of these materials being expressed.

As long as you look after your furniture, though, we will guarantee its quality.  If you find any issue with your piece, at any time after purchase, please call us. If the fault is a result of our manufacture, we will repair it at no cost to you.



To keep your furniture looking beautiful, we recommend a few simple care instructions. We are happy to advise by phone if you have any questions about looking after Marque Sussex furniture.

1. Stock up on a few attractive coasters and use them! To avoid burning or staining, never place very hot items such as pans, or fresh mugs of tea, directly on a wooden surface.

2. Spills, especially anything acidic or oily, should be wiped immediately. The longer they are left, the more chance there is of the stain leeching into the wood grain, making it hard to remove. For most spills, a damp cloth will work wonders, but oily marks may benefit from a little washing up liquid or bicarb.

3. Never use harsh chemicals such as bleach on natural surfaces. Even products superficially designed for use on wood, such as conventional spray polish, often contain silicon. Over time, additives such as this will damage the finishes we have applied, so check labels before buying.

4. We only use tried and tested, traditional finishes such as Danish oil. These can be renewed over time to brighten up the wood. They are easy to apply and readily available.

5. Trust your own common sense. Never move large items single-handedly, or position your furniture such that it is likely to be knocked or scraped.

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